Photo credit: Village of Hempstead

Village of Hempstead Holds Family and Friends Day of Worship

Hempstead, NY November 30, 2016 The Village of Hempstead recently celebrated Family and Friends Day at Antioch Baptist Church of Hempstead by expressing thankfulness to the community. The event was sponsored by Bishop Phillip E. Elliot to gather the community in worship and praise in honor of the holiday season.

Pictured (L R) Village Hempstead Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr. (center) shares his thankfulness with the community during the recent Family and Friends day at Antioch Baptist Church of Hempstead. Members of the community recently came together at the church to celebrate the holiday season and express their appreciation for things and people for which they thankful. Photo credit: Village of Hempstead ## ## .

Guest Pastor Rev. Marvin Williams started the morning with an early morning worship, one of his first after being inducted as a newly united son of Antioch, and Rev. Curtis Whitney followed with a divine morning worship to inspire members of the Hempstead community throughout the day.

During the ceremony Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr. and Trustee Don Ryan shared their gratitude with community members and wished them the happiest of holiday seasons.

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